We worked recently with a Spain based Entrepreneur, Michael Matynka running an interesting company. He publishes physical guidebooks for a religious trip in Spain - Camino. And recently published mobile app version of the guidebooks. It was well received by the users until they outgrew the features offered.

We associated with Michael to build a shiny new offering for the users of wisePilgrim brand with new set of features. Offline Map was one of the most requested features by the users. And somehow wasn't present in any of the apps in the category. Also latest and updated database of places was also on the roadmap. Hence we build a new app with  

  • Responsive & Sleek UI
  • Easy & minimalistic Navigation
  • Offline Maps
  • Online Booking
  • Latest Locations Database

Tech Stack

  • React Native, OpenStreetMaps, Google Maps, Offline Maps, Offline data storage.