Work Model

Paper Napkin Idea to a LIVE Product ready to sell/fundraise.

I work as an extended team member to your project helping you convert an intangible IDEA into a LIVE product with initial traction / revenues @ STARTUP speed. (~60 hr weeks).

What you get is "ME" ..  a senior Hacker/Techie building your product with live updates / real time features implementation instead of tech managers offloading work to junior devs / freshers with more talk and less building and keeping you rolling on wheel for years.

It's not some offshore IT services company rather more like a Startup Accelerator. Work mode is usually remote or from your city with regular meetings.

Technology wise feel free to throw any challenge - Infrastructure, Backend Servers, Web App, Blog, Mobile App (Android/iOS), Hardware (Arduino / Kinect / Sensors), Games (2D/3D), VR / AR, Telecom, Analytics.

I like to work with the team / project for two days before finalizing our terms of engagement - "We need to like each other". Your idea / code base is gonna be completely safe & private and all IP / product ownership lies with you. We can sign an NDA regarding the IP protection & confidentiality agreement during preliminary engagement. You can create a free NDA here.

Open Source

I am a strong advocate of open source software. And a heavy user / contributor to open source projects. Open source projects I contribute to :

  1. Ghost CMS - https://github.com/TryGhost
  2. Lbry - Decentralised Video Sharing Platform - https://github.com/lbryio


  • Hardware : Macbook Air 13" - i5/8GB, Macbook Pro 13", Desktop - Dual Core/4GB, 4GB, Mi Go, Dell Venue 2
  • Network : 3 x 100 Mbps Broadband - Airtel, Railtel, XStream + 4 Mbps Mobile Backup.
  • Cloud : AWS / E2E Networks
  • OS : Ubuntu LTS / MacOS X Sierra / Android
  • Notes/Diary : SimpleNote
  • Blog : Ghost CMS
  • IDE : Atom / Android Studio / XCode
  • Languages : Java / Javascript / Node.js
  • Frameworks : Express / React Native / React.js / Unity3D
  • Backend as a Service : Firebase / Parse
  • Anaytics : GoSquared / Mixpanel
  • Password Manager : BitWarden / Lastpass
  • Browser : Firefox / Chrome