You can only take one lane. Either be a fast paced startup aiming for billion dollars valuation or be a small profitable business helping you live life on your terms.

Lifestyle Business - A business built around lifestyle choices of the owner.

Startup - A technology leveraged business aimed to grow big very fast.

We won't talk here which style of business you should opt for - a lifestyle one or a startup. You already know the pros and cons & have opted for either one already based on your life goals and resources.

Instead we would like to talk about how to stick to your chosen path once the going gets tough or the grass appears greener on the other side.

There will be times when you will run short of clients or it takes too long to get repeat business from existing clients or you pissed off clients due to non delivery. There will be moments when your social obligations like marriage, responsibility towards parents, community would make you doubt your decisions. Working in a lifestyle business is usually a lot of hands on work yourself instead of recruiting others to do it for you. While your peers bask in the glory of million dollars fundraise. It is tough physcologically to hold your ground with so much noise around. It is like fighting in darkness for a long time with no glory or 🏅.

You will feel tempted to give up your current journey of more balanced lifestyle to move to a startup hub and either pickup a traditional job / raise external funds or join another startup.

These are the times when your will power is being tested and you gotta hold your veins. Because this is what separates success from failure.

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