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In Programming, Hard part isn’t solving problems, But Identifying what problems to solve.
- Paul Graham
I started & run Bahi Khata - A simple app to manage Udhaar & Daily Cashflows of a business.
I run few micro businesses around my interests like Travel Hostel, Healthcare, Handicrafts, Farming, Internet Provider etc.
Abhijeet Goel
{ Ninja Monk }
Mentored 10+ people to build careers as Techies, Designers, Content Creators etc.
I work with other startup founders on interesting ideas to build successful products, culture & company.
Startups I have been part of

TestAIng - The I in AI

We have been working lately with an innovative Startup based out of India.  They are building Testing Suite for AI/ML products. Lack of a standardised testing solution for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning products leave a critical gap in quality of final products/services. The impact of issues which might be created due to failure or misbehaving of such AI systems could be disastrous. TestAIng makes AI systems real world ready. They help the customers by testing process including automation.

There offering is cutting edge and well received by both Enterprises - Tech Startups and IT Services worldwide.  

We worked alongside Dr. Srinivas (AI/ML Expert) & Vipeul ji (Testing/QA Expert), the co-founders with vast experience and background in advanced Tech Startups. It was a wonderful learning experience for us and taught us a lot of wonderful things about navigating deep technologies, Team building/managing, grooming & retaining Talent and scaling Tech products in general.

  • Polygot Technologies - Python, React, Scripting
  • Scaling Tech Products leveraging cross functional teams.
  • Mentoring & Guiding Fresh Developers.
  • Designing Scalable Technology Architecture & Processes.
  • Detailed Documentation for managing client servicing processes.  

Tech Stack

  • React, MongoDB, Parse Server, Sendgrid, AWS, Nginx, Docker, Jenkins, Ghost CMS, Python, Miniconda, Mailchimp, Bash Scripting, Windows Server, Ubuntu


WisePilgrim - Offline Travel Companion

We worked recently with a Spain based Entrepreneur, Michael Matynka running an interesting company. He publishes physical guidebooks for a religious trip in Spain - Camino. And recently published mobile app version of the guidebooks. It was well received by the users until they outgrew the features offered.

We associated with Michael to build a shiny new offering for the users of wisePilgrim brand with new set of features. Offline Map was one of the most requested features by the users. And somehow wasn't present in any of the apps in the category. Also latest and updated database of places was also on the roadmap. Hence we build a new app with  

  • Responsive & Sleek UI
  • Easy & minimalistic Navigation
  • Offline Maps
  • Online Booking
  • Latest Locations Database

Tech Stack

  • React Native, OpenStreetMaps, Google Maps, Offline Maps, Offline data storage.


Bahi Khata - Accounting is the language of Business.

This is our own product. Entirely conceptualized, designed and built in house. It helps small business owners maintain their business cash flow on their mobile device effortlessly without the need for any internet connectivity. It is so simple to use with absolutely zero learning curve and mimics the physical Bahi Khata traditionally used by businesses to keep their accounts / track money lending activities.

Various Features of our product are :

  • Daily cash flow - Income / Expense.
  • Receivables / Payables - Track and get reminders.
  • Reports - Analyse health of your business.
  • Track all kinds of transactions - Cash/Credit/Bank

Tech Stack

  • React Native, Couchbase, Offline First, Complex UI, Mixpanel, OneSignal Push Notifications



Naijamee - Virtual World for Kids.

We collaborated with an African company to build a virtual avatar creation game for them. The game features dresses, accessories build according to African traditional fashion sense. The gorgeous graphics in the app are really eye catchy and the gameplay addictive for the users to catch on to.

With the advent of Google's own Androidify and Snapchat filters the virtual makeover suddenly became very hot sector.


  • A huge collection of tops/ bottoms / accessories / eyewears and other props to choose from.
  • Eye gazing graphics that are drawn to perfection and looks good on all devices.
  • Set your saved Avatars as your phone’s wallpaper

Tech Stack

  • Adobe Flex, Multimedia Rich, Animations



QuezX - Read curated news in 15 sec.

QuezX is a HR tech startup based in Mumbai, India. They help funded startups fill in various roles fast - Tech, Design, Operations,  Finance, Managers. You get the idea. They are working as a tool for recruitment consultants to organize their leads and pipeline.

They were keen on building a service to generate power+ profiles - the decision makers. The people at the key decision making positions usually have the habit of reading a lot. Hence we built a service to help them consume news / information of their interest on the go.


  • News from the best websites in the world including Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Fortune, WSJ etc.
  • Skim through stories within 15 seconds.
  • Clear language without ambiguity.
  • Light software and can run smoothly on any device.

Tech Stack

  • Objective C, Native iOS, REST API



Makerazza - A Multiplayer Trivia Game

We worked along with an Italian corporation with cultural ministry in loop to implement a multiplayer trivia game for Italian culture. It was wonderful understanding the nitty gritty of Italian culture.

Technology wise it was a challenging project to work on with multiplayer gaming implementation and reward system.


  • Category wise Quizes
  • User Profile with Leaderboards, Badges
  • Multiplayer Gaming

Tech Stack - React Native, Firebase, Multiplayer Gaming


Schoolcom - Exams should be fun

We worked with a Bangalore, India based startup to try out a extremely new concept in Education sector.

Exams when taken as a MCQ or question answer format tends to become very monotonous and boring for the students and they tend to loose focus gradually. Hence we re-imagined examinations completely and made it into an engaging game. Students can just play and the evaluation is done automatically in background.


  • Multi level game for student assessment.
  • Teachers can easily create exams for students.
  • Analysis and Performance Assessment of the student.
  • Real engagement for the student with the subject.

Tech Stack

  • Native Android, Unity3d, Unity-Android Bridge,

Ramyash Mahavidyalaya - Knowledge is Power

We worked alongside an old friend to bring the power of Internet to rural masses - a regional language college run out of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.


The entire content on the website was custom photo-shot. And the entire online experience was built around information relevant for students.

IT Infrastructure

In places with jittery networks, getting quality broadband connectivity is also a big issue.

Marketing & Admissions

We were pleasantly surprised to find students connecting with the college over website / social media and asking their admissions queries.


Pivot - Address for Places

We recently collaborated with a New York based startup, Pivot helping solve some some real world issues in emerging economies. It's a product we are extremely proud to have worked upon because of the potential impact on the bottom of the pyramid economy. Probably this is what inclusive development and making world a better place looks like.

Places in emerging economies like Africa, India, Brazil, China usually don't have proper addresses thereby causing friction and huge costs in delivering services like E-Commerce, On Demand Delivery, Banking, Land Records, Govt. Schemes.

Thus we came up with "Shareable short code for Addresses". They can be easily integrated with other services and improves efficiency in delivery of those services.

You may argue we have Google Maps and they work great for navigation. True for developed world with structured roads and places. Try finding an address in places like these.


Only a native of that area can know the true address of that place. What's scarier is that these places usually don't have proper internet connectivity too with networks going on and off.

Economic Impact of Inefficiencies at the last mile
Last Mile has always been the most costly leg in deliveries costing usually 40-50% of the overall cost. Continously changing routes, fuel prices, bad customer experience, costly returns, untracked addresses - These are some of the major issues affecting the global supply chain. And the cost associated due to these inefficiences is too huge to be neglected.

Pivot is one such startup solving these last mile problems at scale for the world.

References :


Flippar - Your AR tour guide

Relive your memories.

We collaborated with a Bangalore, India based startup to build an augmented reality driven app for discovering memories your friends have left for you, locked into real-world objects.

FlippAR lets you lock your memories - pictures, videos, messages of your best memories into things from the real world. We call these lockers. When your friends use the app to scan the locker, they unlock the memories you left for them. The most

Here it how it turned out :